Online marketing white papers

Extensive B2B know-how at a glance

  • The B2B purchasing process online

    white-book-b2b-purchaisingReceive exclusive information on how to use the Internet and how you can respond to the needs of buyers. Furthermore, you will learn which marketing activities for B2B companies are particularly suitable. This information will help you to attract new customers.

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  • B2B lead generation

    ^409FC6E3174BC6FE9F86A62412CF789FD981F8B15797C373C3^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrThis free white paper will help you to generate more valid leads. Learn what it takes to have an optimized conversion rate optimization process.

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  • Engaging in online marketplaces

    white-book-trading-via-online-marketplacesUse online directories and marketplaces to significantly expand your presence and reach on the internet and to generate new and highly qualitative leads. Our white paper shows you how to start.

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  • Online marketing for B2B companies

    white-book-online-marketing-for-b2b-companiesEnter new markets with little effort and attract new customers by implementing powerful online marketing measures. Our white paper gives you profound insights and practical advice.

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  • Search engine marketing for B2B companies

    white-book-sem-enSearch engine marketing offers B2B companies great untapped potential to gain new clients. Read our new white paper on search engine marketing to find out how to utilize SEM for your B2B company.

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