All functionalities at a glance


Evaluation and reporting tools

The dashboard gives you a complete overview: Here you can see directly how many visitors we identify for you on each individual day, what types of companies your visitors are divided into, which pages of your website have been visited most often and which companies visit your website more often.


Clear lead history (detail page)

In the detailed view you will find all the information your sales department needs to qualify the lead, to contact it and to have a good initial interview. The information includes the visitor history including sessions, page views and length of stay as well as the company name, address, social networks, website, telephone, fax, industry, sales and profit.


All relevant data at a glance

On the company overview page you will find a chronological list of all current visitors to your website. This enables your sales department to contact you directly without wasting too much time. You can also display all identified companies in alphabetical order.


Export functionality

In order to have your data available wherever you need it, we offer you an export function. You can export individual companies, all companies or even views filtered according to certain criteria in order to receive the data you need for your sales individually.

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