All the advantages of our solution at a glance

KytoSync is ideal for industrial companies who want to take their first steps in B2B portal marketing or who want to reduce the administrative expenses of portal marketing in order to concentrate on the essentials: successful cross-platform lead generation and customer approach.

Tailored to your desired markets / 100+ platforms to choose from

If you wish, we will work with you to select relevant marketplaces and B2B platforms that you will be able to access via just one interface in the future. We know the platforms and know which platforms are suitable for which industries.

International visibility

Become known in your desired regions or test which target markets are relevant for you. Targeted placement on B2B platforms can generate relevant traffic with a high conversion rate and ensure that you are found online.

Drive to gain new customers

KytoSync extends your access to international leads. Open up global sales markets and expand your reach. Together we will find globally relevant platforms for you on which you can position your products for specific target groups.

Get started right away

You only need a one-time onboarding process for your data to be synchronized on the portals you have selected. Your administrative effort is reduced by up to 90%. This saves you valuable time on administrative matters in marketing, accounting and sales.

Support from experts

We know the specific needs of all export sectors, whether chemical, metal, electrical or service industries. Use our expertise to present your products in a strategically sensible way. In close coordination with our customer success team, we create a basis for you to be successful in portal marketing.

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