SEA, SEO or Portal Marketing?

How can you best get into the field of vision of future customers through online marketing and keep the competition at a distance? Search engine advertising (SEA for short), search engine optimization (search engine optimization, SEO for short) and portal marketing are particularly suitable for this purpose. Each of these channels has its right to exist in a company’s marketing mix, but is also associated with the control and maintenance of the individual channels.


09 June 2021

This creates a lot of effort and, above all, requires the presence of distinctive expertise in order to achieve results with the greatest possible budget efficiency. At the moment, however, there is not always enough capacity and the required specialist knowledge in the marketing departments to do justice to each channel and to achieve corresponding results.

This white paper is intended to help, through a detailed comparison, to better assess the three channels for companies with regard to resource planning and to prioritize the implementation internally. Due to the high complexity of SEA and SEO campaigns, especially in an international environment, it has been shown that portal marketing is a very useful addition to the marketing mix in comparison.

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