Tradeindia – India’s largest B2B marketplace

Tradeindia is a B2B platform in India that specializes in small businesses in India and around the world. Tradeindia is an intermediary between buyers and sellers and its marketplace offers both sides good ways to sell or to purchase products. The platform lists numerous companies and products in more than 2,200 different product categories.
There are already 2,737,668 registered users – a number which is constantly increasing. On average the platform records 20.5 million visitors every month. The company is now the largest B2B marketplace in India and offers comprehensive business solutions concerning various online services.
The mission of Tradeindia is to connect the global trade of companies using the Internet via a central portal, simplify it and thereby contributing to the economic development of each country.

Tradeindia has a long tradition

The company was founded in New Delhi in 1990 and launched the platform in 1996. There are offices in 35 cities worldwide.
Tradeindia is part of the Infocom Network Ltd. This is an ISO 9001 certified company, which ensures that standards are met in quality management and thus provides customer confidence.

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