Industrystock – European B2B search engine ranks among the most important B2B platforms in Europe especially for export oriented companies.
The trade directory belongs to the Deutsche Medien Verlag GmbH which is a leading company for B2B media. Active in 150 countries, they operate online portals, publish industry magazines and organise fairs. Thereby the publisher facilitates knowledge transfer within the B2B sector.

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The platform primarily targets small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and helps them to enter new markets and win new customers. The efficient search engine which is available in 15 languages helps users to find suppliers, distributors and service providers. Industrystock enhances a company’s online visibility and enables connections with relevant target groups. Besides increasing brand awareness, Industrystock also helps companies to break into new markets and business segments and to defend top positions against competitors. reports more than 44 million visits a year. 925,000 registered company use the platform to offer more than 210,000 different products and services.

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