International portal marketing

International portal marketing enables B2B companies to generate high-quality inbound leads by directly addressing targeted purchasers.

  • Lead generation through portal marketing
    Portal marketing is one of the most efficient lead sources of online marketing. Traffic or direct leads generated by B2B portals are likely to convert into customers and are therefore especially valid. Those high conversion rates, compared to other marketing channels, are achieved by the fact that buyers who are looking on B2B portals already have a direct purchase intention. Portal marketing, in comparison to other marketing activities, does not show signs of scattering loss.  
    5 reasons for using B2B portals
  • Simple operation of portal marketing
    B2B portals and company directories are directories for B2B suppliers, tailored to their specific regions and industries. A company profile allows you to be found when buyers search for your keywords. They will see relevant information, such as your profile and product portfolio and can directly contact you. Through comprehensive product information on your profile, such as specifications and videos, buyers can be reached early in the purchasing process, hence inbound leads are generated.
    portal marketing benefits
  • Kyto portal marketing
    There are more than 1,500 different B2B portals worldwide. Therefore, SMEs have to carefully choose between premium entries. Kyto develops a portal marketing strategy based on your target regions and industries. Hence, you profit from our broad expertise and gain access to the Kyto platform – a centralized solution for managing all portal entries including constant reporting. Our platform enables you to simply synchronize all existing and new portals, which will minimize your administrative costs.
    How Kyto works
  • High relevance of portal marketing
    More than 70 percent of B2B buyers already search online for suppliers and partners. During the search process, the majority stumbles upon B2B portals. They start searching directly on B2B portals, which constantly achieve top rankings on search engines. Portal marketing is therefore one of the most significant tools for the international lead generation. Especially medium-sized companies are able to generate new customers cost-efficiently by being present on several B2B portals.  
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