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B2B online marketing for machine manufacturers

The machine manufacturing sector is considered a major powerhouse of the export economy. Machine manufacturers make up the highest rate of yearly exports in Germany with 18.6 %. B2B-Online-Marketing für MaschinenbauerTherefore, having an international presence is an invaluable asset for B2B machine manufacturers. In this context, online marketing is gaining in importance. Around 70 % of international B2B buyers begin searching for suppliers online via a search engine or a B2B platform. Whether machine manufacturers are found by potential clients, thus, depends on the amount of specific search engine marketing (SEM), as well as on entries on relevant company platforms and trade directories.

Machinery manufacturing– getting found online

Many mechanical engineering companies, however, struggle in this area. Numerous machine manufacturers are not aware of the fact that they are invisible for search engines and, thus, for the majority of potential clients. On company directories or search engines, they only appear under inquiries such as “SMEs” or “companies”. Naturally, this is not conducive to the acquisition of new customers, because buyers and potential clients search for terms associated with machinery manufacturing. As a result, they lose various sales opportunities and do not exploit untapped potentials. Considering the amount of search enquiries for this sector, the loss of opportunities becomes particularly clear. The term “Maschinenbau” (eng.: machinery manufacturing) is googled more than 250,000 times in German-speaking areas alone. The competition for sector-specific keywords such as “machinery manufacturing marketing” or “machinery manufacturing online” is comparably low.

Mechanical engineering sector wastes vast online potential

The majority of machinery manufacturing companies still have websites that seem to be unattractive collections of information. Although, some companies were able to expand and optimize their online presence in the past years, there is still a lack of knowledge in terms of professional online marketing. While these companies might still be found online in German-speaking areas, their international visibility remains virtually nil. International visibility, however, is extremely important particularly with regard to the increasing globalization. The mechanical engineering sector wastes valuable sales potential.

B2B platforms and search engine marketing offer great sales opportunities

Companies can improve their global online presence by using both search engine marketing and entries in international B2B platforms and company directories. The latter increases the visibility of exporters in two ways. On the one hand, it enables buyers and potential clients to search directly on the platforms for machinery manufacturing companies or their products and to contact them if there is a match. Thus, high-quality leads are generated. On the other hand, B2B platforms are also optimized for search engines, which leads to a better online visibility of the listed companies. Search engine marketing, if targeted, efficiently optimizes a company’s online presence. Specific campaigns can be optimized for individual keywords or product groups. Potential clients searching online for “machine manufacturers Germany” or “high pressure pump” see the relevant ads directly on Google. The more specific a search term, the higher the probability that the ad was clicked by an interested prospect, which is considered a high-quality lead.

Challenges for machine manufacturers

B2B companies face the challenge of choosing the most relevant platforms and search engines. More than 1,500 different B2B platforms exist worldwide, which differ in targeted sectors and regions as well as costs and quality. Companies often have a hard time choosing the right platforms. An ideal portfolio should cover all countries and therefore include several platforms and search engines. The data maintenance for various platforms, however, is very work-intensive.
Coordinating international search engine campaigns is also a complex and time-consuming task. Different languages and product meanings require specific industry knowledge as well as comprehensive research to ensure the best possible keyword selection. At this point, online marketing agencies reach their limits.

Kyto offers B2B marketing solutions from a single source

Kyto makes sure that B2B companies are found online. We have an extensive understanding and complete overview of more than 1,500 platforms and search engines. Our industry and regional experts select relevant search engines for machine manufacturers, synchronize their data for all portals, and are at disposal as long-term contact partners.

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