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Google Ranking Factors 2018

Google doesn’t stop. The search engine and its requirements are constantly evolving. Therefor it is not always easy to keep an overview.

What has changed fundamentally lately? What is relevant and should be followed urgently for a good ranking?

In this article you will find out which topics you should consider for your optimization strategy and good visibility of your products in 2018.

    Structured data is getting more and more important

    What are structured data relevant for? Google uses structured data to create Rich Snippets.

    Small text excerpts from a web page are called snippets in the search results of a search engine. These usually consist of title, description and a URL. Rich Snippets are an advanced form of snippets which can contain even further elements, such as rating stars or event data. With those snippets the user’s attention in the organic search hits can be increased. So you can significantly increase the click-through rate for your website.

    Therefore, mark your content as best as possible with markups. This additional information can be marked by specific formatting in the source code and then appear prominently in the search results. Helpful for this is e.g.

    Good user experience and mobile first

    Technical features like a good PageSpeed and a website working on mobile are now the basic requirements for a good ranking. Google has made the Mobile Index the main index. Due to the Mobile-First-Ranking, pages with mobile variants have gone up far.

    In addition, a good Web Design which doesn’t irritate users but rather takes them by the hand and accompanies them at every step of the way on the website, is a plus for Google.

    Data security as a ranking factor and confidence builder

    Safety first: HTTPS encryption is gaining ground and can now be found in one third of the pages. Unsafe websites are even indexed worse in Google.

    An SSL encryption makes a company side more secure and thus strengthens confidence in data security, because only the user and the server (and no third party) can read along. Encryption is therefore a kind of quality seal.
    In addition, sites without SSL encryption in Chrome face the challenge that they are now labeled within the browser as “not secure”, which in return generates little confidence on the user’s side.

    Relevant Content continues to influence the ranking

    It has been said that “content is king” for a long time already. And Google sticks to it: the relevance of the content is heavily weighted. If the content does not match the search intent, it will not rank.

    Provide your site visitors with well-founded information that offers added value. This not only strengthens your expertise and creates confidence in your company, but is also perceived positively by Google.


    Interesting content for the user and a good user experience of the website are increasingly important. In 2018, ask yourself more about what your target group wants to know when searching the web or what needs it wants to have covered with its search. Websites of better quality not only convince the visitor, but are also positively perceived by Google.

    Kyto helps you to improve your online presence and the discoverability of your products, thereby generating relevant traffic for your site.