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B2B Online Marketing Studies and Statistics

At Kyto, we concern ourselves with topics such as B2B online marketing, lead generation and digitalization. In the following we would like to give you an overview of the most exciting marketing strategies, trends, and developments in the area of B2B online marketing. You are welcome to use the specific studies for your information and to directly download them.

Lead Generation: Fueling the Revenue Engine, 2014

The Demand Metric Research Corporation has conducted a survey with 182 valid participants on the topic of lead generation, i.e. the generation of sales opportunities/ contact details. 76% of the participants came from a B2B environment.

  • 73% stated that the most effective methods of lead generation are automated. Online-contact forms are in the lead. These should not be underestimated in online appearances such as company sites or B2B-portals.
  • What the future looks like: 70% stated that they wanted to invest more into content marketing for lead generation, which shows the biggest rise. According to the survey, the biggest decrease of investment will be in the area of fairs and event planning.

How do decision-makers obtain information?, 2014

The study surveyed the media usage behavior of decision makers in German companies. Therefore, they conducted an online survey with more than 1,000 participants.

  • 49% of the participants use manufacturer and technical websites.
  • 64% believe that new media will replace specific journals.


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B2B Lead Generation Marketing Trends, 2013

The poll by the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn provides information about the challenges, trends and strategies in the B2B marketing sector.

  • 61% of the polled marketing experts view the generation of leads as the biggest challenge in the future.
  • 47% see the lack of qualified personnel, budget, and time as the biggest obstacle for a successful implementation of the marketing strategy.
  • 50% expect an increase in the expenses for lead generation.

The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics, 2014

Hubspot compiled a list of the most recent marketing statistics and trends.

  • Companies that automate their lead management report a revenue increase of 10% on average within the first six to nine months.
  • They also report a 50% increase in leads and a 30% decrease in cost by using through professional lead nurturing.

Ahead of the Curve: Lessons on Technology and Growth from Small Business Leaders, 2013

The consulting company Boston Consulting Group researched the success and utilization of IT tools for SMEs in five countries (GER, USA, BR, IN, TR).

  • Technology leaders attain 14% more revenue on average and create 7% more jobs than other SMEs.
  • The SMEs evaluated as leaders in the IT-sector have more than 30% more international customers than “laggards”.
  • BCG forecasts a potential of 150mn US Dollars of additional revenue and 670,000 new jobs, which could be made use of through technologization.

European regions encouraged to offer SMEs vouchers of up to €10,000 to go digital, 2013

The European Commission finds that digitalized SMEs grow significantly faster and even supports digitalization with additional funding.

  • Small businesses that are connected to the web have a 22% higher growth than those with low or no web-use.
  • Between 2007-2013 some EUR 14.2 billion Structural Fund investments were reserved for ICT-related investments.

Lead Generation Strategy – Research Summary Report, 2014

The research company Ascend2 analyzed the future of lead generation. In order to do that, they completed interviews with 375 marketing, sales and business professionals from all over the world.

  • Improving the quality of generated leads is the most important aim when setting their lead generation strategy for 59% of the surveyed B2B companies.
  • Companies state, that a lack of time and an effective lead generation strategy are the two biggest obstacles when it comes to generating leads online.
  • 56% of the companies fully or partly outsource their lead generation campaigns and tactics.

The B2B Digital Landscape – No longer business as usual, 2014

For their infographic the digital marketing company Acquity Group surveyed 500 buyers from various industries with procurement budgets of $100,000 or more.

  • 94% of B2B buyers conduct online research before they make a purchase.
  • 18% of the buyers spend at least 90% of their budgets online. This number is twice as big as it was in 2013.
  • 37% of the polled view a supplier’s website as the most helpful research tool.

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