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B2B Online Marketing Trends

After publishing a detailed article about B2B Online Marketing Trends 2015 last year, it is now time to take a look at the B2B trends of 2016.

Trend 1: Human Marketing und Relationship Marketing

The successful US marketing blog “Business 2 Community” devoted a full article to the B2B online marketing trend “human marketing”.
At Kyto we also see the same problem over and over with our target audience: their marketing is too impersonal.
It is indeed called “Business-to-Business marketing” but on the other end there are still humans. Technical specifications and detailed descriptions are admittedly important for the online presence of one’s website or on B2B platforms but it is not sufficient anymore to stand out from your competitors. To execute emotionally-appealing marketing, you should think about the following:

  • What is your customers buying decision based on?
  • Which questions come up, while looking for solutions to your problems?
  • How often does a prospect visit your site in average, before sending an inquiry?

To accomplish that, detailed customer research and web analysis are necessary. Based on that it is, f.e., possible to:

  • customize which parts of the website are shown to a customer.
  • try retargeting to reach out again to interested visitors, who did not send an inquiry.
  • adapt your email marketing strategy.

Caused by the increase of the mobile usage, B2B buyers are online more often and check their email inboxes more frequently. As a result, email marketing is a strong tool for B2B marketers – if used properly. Again, you should not bother the user with advertisements. Your email should be one of the few to be opened despite the flood of messages. This will only happen if you offer clear added value based on his or her needs.

Related to human marketing, the buzzword “relationship marketing” can also be mentioned. It stands for the trend to achieve a long-term customer retention which can only work when customers are approached personally. The identification with a company becomes more important in B2B. To achieve this, companies should be transparent and pay attention to reviews and customer service and support.
Human Marketing

Trend 2: Video-Marketing

It is not surprising that channels which combine auditory and visual stimuli gain importance in times of digitalization and information overflow. They make it easier for people to understand complex circumstances. Because of the fact that B2B products usually need more explanation than B2C products, videos are useful tools for marketing them. Hence video marketing definitely is a B2B online marketing trend for 2016. According to US business magazine Forbes, more than 80% of senior level managers stated that they already watch more videos than last year. And private videos are even excluded: 75% of business managers stated that they are watching work-related videos at least once a week. So it’s time for you to shoot product and company videos with clear added value, if not already available on your website.

Trend 3: Marketing Automation

Because important marketing activities such as content production take a lot of time, process automation was one of the big topics in previous years. With marketing automation platforms, email distribution and the social media postings can be planned in advance or the progress of a customer acquisition can be tracked and analyzed precisely based on individual marketing activities. The acquired insights are also useful to the sales team for being able to help the customer in accordance to his or her requirements. However, it is very important that the individual customer approach does not get lost during marketing automation measures.

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