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B2B Inbound Marketing for Industrial Companies

Inbound Marketing is simply the most efficient way of online marketing. In the following we will explain why SMEs should also consider Inbound Marketing in their marketing mix.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a marketing method which aims at reaching potential clients during their searching process. Relevant information and content are then used to draw the user’s attention. In contrast to traditional Outbound Marketing such as TV and print ads, promotional mailings and cold calling, Inbound Marketing targets people who are already interested in the product or service offered by the respective company.

The advantages of Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing funnelThe advantages are obvious: Instead of wasting resources for a broad approach to a mass of recipients, Inbound Marketing easily reaches the clients which have already shown an interest in buying e.g by searching for the product online or by visiting a specific blog. Inbound Marketing does not stop when the potential client landed on your website. Useful product information and content is then needed to convince the visitor of the quality of the items or services. The next step of Inbound Marketing is the generation of leads meaning to convert the interest of the client into an inquiry. To achieve this, mailings or telephone calls can be used. Compared to cold calling, it can now be assumed that the target is already interested which makes the conversion process much easier.

Inbound Marketing strategies are especially useful for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who usually target a very specific audience with their products.

How can SMEs generate more inbound leads?

Besides a well-optimized website presence, b2b portals are a great way to generate leads. Worldwide there are around 1,500 B2B platforms with a different focus depending on region and industry. They function as useful online marketing tools due to their excellent ranking on search engines for industry-related terms. A product on a B2B platform can therefore often be easier found than a company website. For more information regarding this topic, please download our white paper “Engaging in online marketplaces”.

The preparation of an Inbound Marketing strategy begins with identifying the target group. What are potential clients searching for? Which information interests them? The hereby selected keywords are then used in website content to optimize the site for search engines (SEO). The more relevant articles, product information, social media and blog posts, the higher your page is going to rank in the search results. When a potential client has found you online, it is necessary to keep him interested with the content you present to him. If you were able to convince him with the information given, he will be more likely to make an inquiry and you will receive a lead. Professional conversion rate optimization then helps you to further increase the number of leads. Smartly placed call to action buttons show the visitor what he has to do next. The leads acquired are valuable, because they are easier to convert to clients than “cold leads”. After all they found you and wanted you to contact them.

Online presence is essential for SMEs

Online marketing in general and Inbound Marketing more specifically gain increasingly in importance. Industrial companies seem to especially underestimate the internet’s importance for their business. Nowadays 94% of b2b buyers start searching online when they look for new suppliers (2014 State of B2B Procurement Study, Acquity Group). It is essential to be found online. Start preparing your Inbound Marketing strategy now.

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