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Easy administration of trading platforms

In the business-to-business field, online trading platforms are an important component of the marketing strategy. To strengthen international export activities, classical trade shows and advertisements in professional journals are not sufficient anymore. Companies which do not make progress in this field, create a digitalization gap. The digital reach of B2B platforms, especially internationally, is significantly higher compared to traditional, analog media. An additional advantage are the small strays and the possibility to monitor the results precisely. With the help of B2B and trading platforms, customers can be reached and relevant customer inquiries can be generated internationally.

Administration Trading Platforms Worldwide there are about 1,500 B2B trading platforms with various target markets, countries, industries, languages and companies. Every B2B platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Larger platforms for example offer higher visitor rates compared to smaller ones but at the same time they generate less valid customer inquiries. A compromise between the validity of leads and the corresponding traffic has to be found. Before deciding on which trading platforms you want to publish your products, you need to delve into your goal setting. If for example the aim is to increase website traffic, you need to focus on different platforms than those with a priority on the amount of customer inquiries. Basically, a healthy marketing mix is recommended which considers traffic as well as the quality of the leads.

Challenges in the Administration of Trading Platforms

Depending on which markets are in focused on and what the exact goal of the B2B online marketing strategy is, a selection of relevant trading platforms has to be made. Challenges which might come up are rooted intranslation difficulties, as well as requirements concerning data and different input masks of portals. As a general rule: the more diversified the selection of portals, the more complicated is the maintenance, implementation and administration of the entries. Every trading platform imposes different requirements on companies which want to list entries. A short introduction of the company as well as contact data are usually required by every platform. Furthermore, depending on the willingness to increase costs, there is the possibility to enrich an entry with detailed product information, videos and keywords. Nevertheless, this differs portal-by-portal and especially smaller changes can lead to big administrative efforts. If, for example, a company changes the description of two products and lists premium entries on six portals in Germany, France, the USA and China, all of those portals have to be opened separately and the new information has to be entered in the respective languages.
Another administration problem arises from a large number of possible B2B platforms. On the one hand it is difficult to identify and maintain the most relevant portals. On the other hand you can lose the overview oft he provided information quite quickly. The different user interfaces and requirements make the easy and time-saving use of the portals difficult.

Chances of the administration of B2B portals

The above mentioned difficulties with the administration of B2B portals can also open up new chances and possibilities for sales. For example, a high number of different B2B portals is likely to reach more customers and thereby increase the number of inquiries.

Administration Trading Platforms

Solutions for the administrational effort

A possibility to minimize the administrational effort for different b2b portals would be to reduce the number of B2B portal entries. This way, you can indeed minimize the effort, yet with fewer portals, the number of valid customer inquiries decreases as well and as a result, the efficiency of the action. Another step would be the focus on fewer languages, for example only English and German to minimize translation efforts. However, thisis not advisable because it restricts the overall reach. To avoid unwanted compromises, Kyto’s software application makes it possible to book and maintain countless B2B portals with one software.


Before deciding on different B2B trading platforms, you should carefully consider which goals you want to achieve and which markets to approach. The choice should always be preceded by a profound keyword analysis on the pertinent search engines to find out which portals are really relevant. When information has to be translated, a native speaker should be consideredor similar translations from established sources should be adduced.

Which steps should you consider?

  • Select target markets and perform keyword analysis
  • Select B2B portals carefully
  • Prepare relevant information well and upload it for all the entries
  • Compare translations with various sources
  • Update new information or changes directly in every entry

Kyto helps you to administrate your online entries on B2B portals easily and minimizes your adminstrative efforts.With detailed portal entries you gain considerably more customer inquiries.

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