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5 reasons for using B2B portals

Portal marketing leverages the possibility for exporting companies to pursue sales in international markets through the placement of comprehensive presentations of company and product details on B2B portals, e-marketplaces and business directories. The discipline enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) in particular to develop growth in sales on new unexplored international markets as well as acquire new customers. Portal marketing should therefore be part of any lead generation strategy of every SME.
Portal marketing with Kyto

This article provides an answer to the following questions:

  • What is portal marketing?
  • How to use B2B portals in marketing?
  • What advantages do B2B-portals offer companies?

1. Portal marketing ensures top ranking on Google

Industrial buyers use B2B portals in the hunt for new trading partners since it allows buyers to use very specific search queries when looking for products and services. When searching for generic terms such as “CNC Milling” national and international search engines always appear among the top search results. This is because these search engines have very high page ranks and perform large efforts on search engine optimization. Portals are an integrated part of the research process for B2B buyers. Therefore, companies that are utilizing portal marketing heighten the chance of being identified by B2B-buyers. Suppliers that are identified in the research process are particularly high quality leads and have a higher chance of getting selected.

2. Low cost leads through B2B portals

Portal marketing is a very cost effective online marketing activity, taking the large amount of advantages into consideration. Many B2B portals offer a free account that can be converted into an inexpensive premium account that allows access to more features. The premium profile often offers companies multilingual entries. The main advantage of a premium account is the improved positioning in the B2B portal search result. Companies that have a premium profile are displayed among the top results on B2B portals and thus found and clicked by more potential customers.

3. B2B portals offer safety

Many B2B portals offer verification services to make potential customer acquisition safer and more profitable. Examples of such verification services could be telephone verification of all registered users on the portal or supplier ratings used in the post-sales process. For this purpose, some portals have special platforms and forums that allow users to publish their experiences in dealing with suppliers and doing business with members of the portal. These features ensure that communication and interaction via the portal remains safe and professional.

4. B2B-portals allows targeted campaigns

Portal marketing measures allow very specific targeting of specific industry sectors and geographical regions. Many B2B portals are focused on individual industries and industry networks including members from all around the world. Another form of specialization are regionally focused B2B portals, which make it possible to focus on specific markets. Companies can direct their marketing focus without losing coverage. Worldwide, there are more than 1.500 different portals and online directories, which differ in terms of their industry and regional focus. In order to be most efficient and to make sure to choose the right one companies are advised to seek guidance within the area of portal marketing. A successful portal marketing strategy integrates several B2B portals in order to get sufficient coverage. Most importantly, it is necessary to align the expansion strategy with the correct B2B portals.

5. Minimize cost wastage with B2B portals

Compared to other areas of online marketing, portal marketing has a relatively less waste in terms of cost. The amount of qualified searches with genuinely interested B2B buyers using specific keywords such as “Manufactures conveyors” or “CNC Milling Multi” is very high compared to B2C keywords. B2B portals act as a very important place of contact.

B2B portal: One result

The use of B2B-portals gives SMEs a particular set of advantages. Especially, export oriented SMEs should take advantage of B2B portals in their online marketing strategy to exploit the advantages described above and successfully generate new customers worldwide. By using an external provider like Kyto GmbH the administrative burden will decrease proportional with the amount of B2B portals selected. The challenges of increased administrative tasks are handled by the Kyto platform, which synchronizes all company and product data across all selected platforms. Furthermore, it gives a comprehensive statistical overview of the engagement and traffic from all the different platforms. Learn more about how to manage company entries with Kyto!
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