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The B2B portal is one of the most important portals on the Russian market. Currently, 402,155 items are represented by an impressive 1,407,670 companies. With Rosfirm, buyers and decision-makers are able to view and compare a vast number of products. The portal offers a wide range of targeted categories such as “metal products”, “industry products” or “tools,” covering several different types of goods. Furthermore, comprehensive information about Rosfirm-registered companies their goods and services, as well as price lists are provided.

Reach decision-makers

Users include high-level managers, executive employees, sales and marketing managers, field experts, and other advertisers. This mixture gives way to an active and interesting exchange between buyers and manufacturers which supports simple global trade. The B2B portal has, by its own account, 1.5 million visitors each month.

Gain new customers with Rosfirm

Rosfirm’s services are targeted towards small and medium enterprises (SME) who are seeking to open up a market in Russia. To keep operations as simple as possible, Rosfirm offers various packages for booking. From “Package Mini” to “Package VIP,” the portal leaves nothing to be desired in terms of product presentation and client acquisition. The company, located in the industrial university city of Yekaterinburg, enjoys a good reputation with its customers. Thirteen years of successful company management prove Rosfirm’s quality and professionalism, leading to many positive customer experiences. By creating a company profile, valid leads can be generated via the enormous traffic on the B2B portal. SMEs therefore have access to a new ready-to-be-tapped market.

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