QuimiNet – Industry portal from Latin America

QuimiNet is the leading business portal for industrial products in Latin America. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Mexico. On Quiminet.com companies have the possibility to offer their products or services.
Providers can present their company profile and their goods along with plenty of other useful information to a wide audience of potential buyers. Through an extensive presentation including additional information such as photos, brochures as PDF files, the link to their own website as well as other relevant company details, companies can attract new customers more easily.

Online marketing service by QuimiNet

In addition to the entry on the platform, QuimiNet provides additional online marketing services that enable companies to increase their visibility. Newsletter placements or banner advertising are just a small selection of many possibilities. Thus Quiminet.com provides a platform that allows buyers and sellers to find new business partners, to advance their online trading and to make use of additional online marketing measures.
Some of the biggest industries represented on QuimiNet are the food, plastics, construction, and packaging industries, followed by the agricultural industry and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The platform attracts about 4 million visits per month, most of whom are from Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.
Other portals which belong to the company are www.e-industria.com and www.marketizer.com.

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