– the search engine for suppliers was founded in 2011. Within only two years it became one of the largest B2B platforms in the German-speaking area. Today, the directory lists more than 9812 suppliers with more than 2.1 million products from over 6500 manufacturers. 42000 companies use it regularly to look for goods and services. Every month about 300 new suppliers and 50000 products are added to the platform. uses a new algorithm that allows users to search for specific products, services, brands and businesses. This enables them to find the right provider which suits their needs.
Suppliers have the opportunity to present their company, products and services with the help of pictures, videos, or entire product catalogs in order to attract new customers. Commercial buyers and professional suppliers are brought together deliberately, enhancing their daily work-flow. ensures your company`s visibility

Although it is a comparatively small portal, it offers a unique advantage: not only suppliers but also buyers need to register in order to use all platform functions. This ensures that only buyers that have a serious intention of buying something in the near future use the website. In addition, the relatively small size of the platform ensures that there is little competition within most categories. This increases the visibility of your business and also the chances of a sale.
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