IHS GlobalSpec – Industrial Search Engine

IHS GlobalSpec is a technology company that operates a search engine specializing in mechanical engineering and industrial products. Customers use IHS GlobalSpec to search for specific products and services and to meet suppliers. The search engine lists approx. 180 million entries in 2.3 million product categories offered by more than 24,000 producers and traders. For example because of the numerous filter options, prospective customers have the opportunity to find exactly the products they are looking for. The company has over 5 million registered users; a number which is growing steadily.
IHS GlobalSpec was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in New York.

Online marketing with IHS GlobalSpec

Besides the search engine, the company offers numerous online marketing solutions to help companies to market their very specific products. These services are for producers, service providers and also for traders of industrial products. In addition to a newsletter service that allows industry-specific mailings and supports business branding, IHS GlobalSpec also offers a classic banner advertising service. Online events and webinars round out a complete service. Consequently, IHS GlobalSpec is the leading provider of digital solutions to connect industrial marketers with their target audiences.

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