Global lead generation for B2B companies

With Kyto, B2B-companies now generate even more high-quality inbound leads. Get all tools for acquiring new clients from a single source.

  • Lead generation through search engine and portal marketing
    Over 70% of all B2B-purchasers worldwide search online for suppliers & partners. During this search process, the majority of them gets in touch with B2B platforms. They even search directly on B2B platforms as these usually hold the top positions in search engines for generic search terms such as CNC lathes. Therefore, portal marketing is one of the main drivers of international customer acquisition. Another channel for lead generation is international search engine marketing (SEM). B2B companies can optimally generate leads via advertisements on geographically relevant search engines such as Google, Baidu and Yandex.
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  • Identification of website visitors
    Portal marketing and SEM campaigns are effective sources for lead and traffic generation. Traffic which was generated via B2B platforms is of high relevance and likely to convert. But what if the visitor nevertheless does not send a contact request? Kyto gets the most out of the generated traffic – we identify website visitors and use individually tailored marketing measures to induce them to convert. Consequently, no leads get lost.
    How Kyto works
  • Complete solution for lead generation
    Kyto offers you a complete solution for all steps of lead generation. Customer requests are generated via different marketing channels such as B2B platforms, search engine marketing or on page tracking and automatically enriched. In our Kyto interface, you find all information – clearly structured and collated comprehensibly - which your sales team needs to get started. This enables your sales team to completely focus on the sales process. Furthermore, it is possible to directly evaluate the efficiency of the different marketing channels within your lead generation portfolio. Even the direct integration of the acquired information in your CRM system is possible. Find out more about our lead generation solution now.
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  • Lead enrichment
    In order to manage newly generated and converted leads most efficiently, Kyto offers its clients to enrich those leads.  Hence, leads will automatically be extended by data such as address, homepage, company size or contact person. Our clients hereby save themselves and their sales teams work-intensive research activities, which enables them to spend more time focusing on their truly important tasks such as client consulting leading to a sales contract conclusion. Our innovative solution for lead generation helps you boosting your sales.
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