The Kyto applikation

Benefit from our all-in-one solution and manage all your B2B platform entries in a central manner. The browser-based application will save you invaluable time and effort.

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    Dashboard & Monitoring
    The Kyto dashboard shows an overview of your activity and provides useful statistics to track the amount of traffic and leads gained from each individual portal. You can monitor the data synchronization process with the platforms and access your entries by clicking on the respective logos. Statistics such as the leads per month help you to quickly evaluate which portals are performing best.
  • Comprehensive Message Administration
    The inbox collects all messages from the connected platforms and automatically categorizes them. Our standard settings allow for a redirection of the most important messages such as inquiries and statistics. Kyto filters out spam and ads and enriches some of the inquiries with further information to ensure an easy handling by your sales team. You also have the possibility to add redirections. This enables you to distribute messages to responsible team members, for example, send an inquiry from a certain region to the respective sales agent.
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    Intuitive Data Entry
    You have the possibility to store data about your company, products and services in various languages. The input form matches the requirements of each B2B portal. The relevant data is then automatically uploaded which saves you a lot of time. You only need to enter your data once. An overwrite function allows for the exclusion and individualization of input fields for each B2B platform. You can furthermore add regional contact persons.
  • Simple Product Management
    You can add any number of products into the Kyto application and retrieve them later with the product catalogue’s search function. The data entry process is well-structured. On one side you can see the data in different languages. Here you can edit, copy or delete your products at your convenience. You can furthermore define which products should be synchronized with which portals. The synchronization status can be monitored for each product.
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    Competent & Quick Assistance
    Do you still have questions? We created virtual tours to guide you through our complete application and help you with the data entry. You can also reach our B2B portal experts by phone or via chat.

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