FAQ – frequently asked questions

General Questions

Why should I use Kyto’s service?
Kyto optimizes your online presence and thereby helps you to find new international clients. We achieve a greater global visibility for your company. In order to do that we use targeted B2B platform and trade directory entries as well as individual search engine marketing. Furthermore you can use Kyto to manage all new and already existing platform entries and to synchronize your data effortlessly. Thereby you can reduce your administration effort by as much as 90 per cent.

How does Kyto work?
Using Kyto is convenient and efficient.
1. Personal advice: initial consultation via phone and gathering of your needs and requests
2. Platform selection: Suggestion of B2B platforms and search engine most relevant for your company
3. Easy data entry: a one-time entry of your product and company data suffices
4. Synchronization: automatic synchronization and updates with all platform entries
5. Service: Aggregated reports, mailbox incl. forwarding function and spam filter, long-term optimization

Who can use Kyto?
Kyto was established to help small and medium sized enterprises to enhance their online presence and thus boost their export numbers. Furthermore we also work with agencies and corporations. They use Kyto to minimize their own administration effort for managing numerous sub accounts or multiple platforms.

I would like to export to Spain or India? How can I find new customers there?
Trade directory entries and search engine marketing rank among the most efficient ways to gain global visibility whether that is in Spain or India. Kyto enables you to access more than 1,500 platforms worldwide effortlessly. Benefit from our industry specific knowledge that helps us to find the most relevant platforms for you. That saves you trouble and time of a research.

Is Kyto just another trade directory?
No. Kyto selects all relevant trade directories and market platforms for you. Furthermore with Kyto you can manage your company and product data conveniently which reduces your administration effort to a minimum. Kyto is your competent contact person helping you to enter new markets and find new clients.

I would like to trade my products locally for example in Germany or Austria. Can Kyto help me to find new clients locally?
Of course. Depending on your choice of target market, we provide you with a package consisting of the relevant search engines and trade directories. That way you can win new clients whether that is in your home country, in Europe or abroad.

Trade directories

Which trade directories and B2B platforms can I book and manage via Kyto?
You can book and manage all trade directories, market platforms and search engines with Kyto. We know the industry and country specific platforms and help you to choose from the worldwide pool of trade directories and platforms. You can also profit from our extensive partner network. Contact us in order to receive a selection of relevant platforms for your company.

How does Kyto select relevant platforms?
Every company has special needs. That is why we focus on your industry and the targeted market when selecting relevant portals for you. That way we can provide our customers with prominent listings leading to relevant traffic.
Furthermore, we pay attention to a platform’s integrity, quality and global presence.

Is it possible to integrate already existing B2B platform and trade directory entries?
Yes, you can integrate your existing platform and trade directory entries with Kyto. Benefit from the convenient management via the Kyto platform. As your central contact person for your B2B online marketing we absorb your administration and synchronization effort.

Do I have to enter my data for different platforms separately?
No. You simply have to enter your company and product data once via our interface. We synchronize your data with all platforms which reduces your administration effort to a minimum.

How can I update my data?
It suffices to update your data on the Kyto platform once. Kyto synchronizes your data updates with all trade directories and platforms. This reduces your administration effort to a minimum.

How can I protect myself from Spam?
Kyto offers you a spam filter which is free of charge and ensures that you only receive valid emails.

Do I get separate reports from all platforms?
Kyto provides you with aggregated reports which ensure an easy and central evaluation of your online marketing activities.

How can customers, who found me on a platform, contact me?
We aggregate all customer requests and thus help you to keep track of all online marketing activities. You can find all relevant emails in your Kyto account. Additionally you can have your mail forwarded to ensure that you never miss a customer’s request.

How can I manage contact requests from different platforms?
You can find all customer requests in your Kyto account. The collection of requests from different platforms assures that you can easily keep track of your activities. Furthermore, you can have your mail forwarded to other addresses. A spam filter is also included free of charge.

Search engine marketing

How does search engine marketing (SEM) work?
Search engine marketing (SEM) aims to increase a website’s traffic and promote products and services online. In order to achieve that, companies can book paid inclusions with search engine operators like Google. These ads appear when users search for specific keywords that have been booked for the ad. Costs arise on a per click basis. This ensures an optimal targeting, high conversion rates and minimum scattering loss.

Does Kyto offer international search engine marketing in for example Spain or China?
Yes. Kyto manages your search engine marketing campaigns worldwide. When you book ads with search engine operators you can decide which countries or regions to target with your ad. By doing that you can further enhance the conversion rate by optimally targeting potential clients.

What major benefits does search engine marketing offer?
Search engine marketing is a very efficient marketing strategy and offers major benefits compared to more traditional marketing operations. Search engine marketing ensures that your ad reaches a potential client who is currently looking for a product or service. Hence, it leads to minimum scattering loss and an optimal targeting. Further search engine marketing offers an immediate possibility to measure the campaign’s success and an affordable way to win global clients. Compared to offline marketing operation SEM campaigns are very flexible and can be optimized continuously.

How does Kyto manage my search engine marketing campaigns?
Kyto plans and implements your SEM campaign for you. We identify relevant keywords and develop short advertising texts for your paid inclusions based on your target market and budget restrictions. After booking your ads and keywords we monitor your campaign’s success. We ensure a rise in qualitative traffic and high conversion rates by individually planning each search engine marketing campaign and continuously optimizing your ads.

With which providers does Kyto cooperate?
Kyto develops and books your ads with Google AdWords. Google.com is worldwide the most frequently used website and most national Google websites are the market leader in their specific country.

How expensive is search engine marketing?
Costs arise on a cost-per-click-basis. That means that you only pay for an ad when it is being clicked on by a user. The costs depend on the bidding price for the specific keyword. The mere appearance of the ad is free of charge and offers a free branding effect. Furthermore you can set daily and monthly budgets for a SEM campaign to ensure that you stay within your budget.

How does the selection process for the right keywords work?
Selecting optimal keywords is very important for the campaign’s success chances. Only the correct keywords can ensure an optimal targeting and thus high conversion rates and minimum scattering loss. An extensive research should always be conducted before finalizing the keyword selection. You should also remember to make use of negative keywords. An example would be the word “free” which might indicate that the customer does not have a sincere buying interest.

Pricing and payment

Does Kyto offer purchase on account?
Yes. You can pay for Kyto’s service securely and conveniently per invoice.

Do I receive my bills on a monthly or a yearly basis?
Billing works on a yearly basis. We invoice you for our service at the time of our first service delivery. Feel free to contact us for monthly billing.

Can I test Kyto free of charge without any obligations?
Yes, you are welcome to test our service free of charge and without any obligations. For this purpose we provide you with a test version of our software. Find out how easy and convenient the data entry and management of your B2B platforms can be.

Can I add additional platforms or switch to another package?
Yes. You can add more platforms at any time in order to further enhance your online presence. We are also happy to advise you about search engine marketing campaigns.

Are there any additional costs involved?
No, all costs are set before the contract is signed. However, you do have the option to add further platforms or search engines throughout the contract period.

Do I have to pay for individual platforms separately?
No, with Kyto you have one central contact person for all platforms and search engines. We handle the all communication and payment processes with the individual platforms for you. This reduces your administration effort to a minimum.

How can I quit a contract with Kyto?
You can quit Kyto’s service at the end of a yearly accounting period. There is a month’s notice to terminate a contract.

Service and support

How can I get in touch with Kyto?
We are always happy to help you with your questions. Contact us via email of phone. Alternatively you can leave us your contact details and we will contact you.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or problems?
With Kyto you have a central and competent partner for your B2B online marketing. We take over your communication with all platforms and reduce your own administration effort to a minimum.

What other services does Kyto offer?
Kyto offers you a comprehensive range of services:
1. Synchronization of your data
2. A central contact person for all platforms
3. Purchase on account
4. Aggregated reports and statistics
5. Optimization of your trade directory entries
6. Email spam filter
7. Forwarding of your mail
8. Free data updates

I need to update my product data. How can I do that?
You can update your data via the Kyto platform and we will synchronize it immediately with all trade directories and platforms. This further reduces your administration effort significantly.

Can Kyto aggregate the individual platform reports for me?
Yes. Kyto provides you with an aggregated report which helps you to evaluate your online activities easily. Receive one aggregated report instead of numerous individual statistics.

How do I learn about the success of my online marketing activities?
You receive an aggregated report which allows you to evaluate the success of your online marketing activities. You can, for example, obtain statistics about the number of visitors from different trade directories as well as the number of customer requests.

How does the Kyto spam filter work?
The Kyto platform has its own spam filter. Thus you only receive valid mails and contact requests and no spam mail.