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Alternatives to Alibaba & Co. is familiar to most B2B entrepreneurs and buyers today. The Chinese trading platform for industrial goods attracted attention in 2014 with one of the world’s largest IPOs. Only recently it was also counted among the ten most successful companies in the world. is one of the most famous among B2B platforms, but even here there are many worthwhile alternatives. There are over 1,500 platforms worldwide, ranging from industry-specific and regional to globally successful platforms. A good and above all suitable selection is not always easy for B2B companies. Our overview of the most important B2B portals gives you a good overview. Kyto will help you choose the platforms that are especially suitable for you.


08 June 2021

In this article we want to introduce you to alternatives to the well-known portals for the export markets in Asia, America and Europe in order to sharpen your awareness of the range of specialized B2B platforms. This will enable you to assess the relevance of the alternative B2B online marketplaces yourself.

Alternatives to

Around 53 million registered buyers are active on – that is undoubtedly a record. We have put together for you more reasons why a company profile on is worthwhile. But that is precisely why many B2B entrepreneurs overlook the fact that alternative portals also have potential on an international level. Regional differences in particular come into play here, so that the selection of alternative portals should always be tailored to your intended target markets.

Successful alternatives to in the English-speaking and Asian regions are the Indian portals TradeIndia and Indiamart. Both have registered sellers in the millions and share the core markets of USA, Japan and India with With slightly fewer users, the American Thomasnet is also active in similar markets, which is an attractive alternative to, especially in North America.

Solostocks is a valuable alternative for digital exports to South America, including the promising markets of Brazil and Mexico. If you are thinking of testing the markets on the American and Asian continents with the help of portal marketing before building an expensive marketing team there, it is worthwhile to set up your industrial website internationally.

Alternatives to Europages

Europe is still one of the most important sales and export markets for German medium-sized companies. The east of the continent and Russia have gained in importance in recent years, while Italy, Spain and France continue to generate a not insignificant part of German sales. With its 26 language versions, Europages is clearly one of the top contenders on the B2B market.

The B2B platform Industrystock is a little more differentiated, as only products from industrial companies are listed here. Industrystock is very relevant in Poland, among others, and the other core countries of the portal are also in Europe. In France in particular, our portal experts have found time and again that the DirectIndustry company directory is a clearly visible alternative. In France in particular, the range of potential B2B portals is large, so that the smaller HelloPro portal should always be checked for a comprehensive portal marketing solution.

After all, you can easily reach the Russian market via The portal is also a useful and proven alternative in the other countries of Eastern Europe and the Ukraine. However, there is only one language version, so that product entries and product information must be translated into Russian.

Alternatives to “Wer Liefert Was?”

Most users on the German portal market in the B2B area are certainly familiar with WLW. The platform has 1.3 million active buyers per month who submit an average of 75,000 search queries every day. B2B companies that want to export within the DACH region, i.e. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, also have other alternatives. Measured by the number of business entries, the largest German portal is now the SME marketplace. With useful additional functions, such as regional marketplaces, the portal offers the possibility of generating both global and regional customer inquiries.

A little smaller, but with great growth potential, is also an alternative. The platform, which was founded in 2011, has been able to reach a base of 120,000 commercial buyers in its ten-year existence, who submit around 12,000 inquiries per month. In German-speaking countries in particular, you should also check the option of offering your products on industry-specific portals. For example, the portals or are ideal for machine builders and specialist alternatives are available for companies in the chemical industry with ChemNet and ChemieTechnik.

Make the right selection for your industrial company

The selection of suitable B2B portals is huge and there are also good alternatives for the most famous of them. The placement of your products should therefore be carefully considered. Our portal experts at Kyto specialize in the selection and application of individual B2B portal offers. After making the right selection for your company, we use our practical and state-of-the-art software solution KytoSync to connect all of your portal entries and keep them permanently up to date for you. The generated new customer inquiries are processed and forwarded for you by us. Kyto offers a comprehensive range for your B2B portal marketing.

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