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SEA, SEO or Portal Marketing?

How can you best get into the field of vision of future customers through online marketing and keep the competition at a distance? Search engine advertising (SEA for short), search engine optimization (search engine optimization, SEO for short) and portal marketing are particularly suitable for this purpose. Each of these channels has its right to exist in a company’s marketing mix, but is also associated with the control and maintenance of the individual channels.

B2B E-Commerce – What SMEs Should Know

With the change from offline to online, buyers are changing their behavior – retail is going digital. This trend has been seen in the B2C sector for years and is becoming more and more important in the B2B area. The growth in B2B e-commerce is rapid and it is estimated that the value of this market will reach US $ 20.9 trillion by 2027 (Intrado, 2020). The questions arise as to whether concepts from the B2C area can simply be adopted and transferred to the B2B sector, what is the difference between the two areas and which requirements must be met so that B2B providers can gain a competitive advantage from this trend.

How To Structure International B2B-Websites

Germany is still one of the leading export nations in the world. According to information from the Federal Agency for Civic Education, the export surplus was 223.23 billion euros even before the start of the corona pandemic. Small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role in this – 45 percent of all German SMEs are already active in foreign markets.

Online Marketing for SMEs – A Glossary

Are you new to the world of online marketing or do you want to improve your knowledge? Then you are right here. Online marketing is also becoming increasingly important for SMEs, B2B and industrial companies in order to reach the target group. Almost all B2B buyers start their search for suppliers online. Simply click through the terms that you are not yet familiar with.

Easy Management Of Digital B2B Platforms

In the B2B area, online trading platforms are already an important part of the marketing strategy. Classic trade fairs and advertisements in specialist magazines are often no longer enough to increase international export activities and attract customers’ attention. Companies that do not develop in this area create a digitization gap. The digital reach of B2B portals, especially in the international area, is usually significantly higher compared to traditional, analogue media. The low scatter losses and the possibility of precise monitoring of the results are also advantageous. Through B2B platforms and trading platforms, customers abroad can be reached and relevant customer inquiries can be generated.

5 Reasons To Use B2B-Platforms

Platform marketing enables export-oriented companies to successfully market their products internationally through the placement and comprehensive presentation of company and product details on B2B portals, marketplaces and company directories. This discipline of online marketing makes it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular to open up new markets and acquire new customers internationally. Portal marketing should therefore be part of every lead generation strategy of SMEs.